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PakistanDaily Express ▶  Sun 05. Jul 09:27
Why it blew, and beat?
NetherlandsDe Telegraaf ▶  Sun 05. Jul 09:26
Blatter: World Cup in Qatar comes through France and Germany
United KingdomThe Guardian ▶  Sun 05. Jul 09:25
Live Greece votes as Osborne warns UK not immune from turmoil10 million Greeks go to the polls to vote on bailout package that EU leaders have framed as a referendum on membership of the euro ▶
BelgiumLe Soir ▶  Sun 05. Jul 09:21
Wolfgang Schäuble: "regardless of the outcome, we will not abandon the Greeks."European Union the German Minister of finance spoke about the results of the referendum of Sunday, which are expected in early evening. ▶
JapanYomiuri Shimbun ▶  Sun 05. Jul 09:18
Fight on the bench. Ando broke out and rejoin nadeshiko Finals day 4 day (Japan time 5 days), injuries had release midfielder Ando Kozue (32) (Frankfurt) again joined the j.League.  ▶
DenmarkBerlingske Tidende ▶  Sun 05. Jul 09:09
Fatal Greek referendum is underwayThe Greek people decide today whether they will accept the reform requirements from the international creditors as a breeding ground for an agreement to keep Greece financially afloat. ▶
IndonesiaTempo ▶  Sun 05. Jul 09:07
Image Greece Votes in Referendum with Future in EuropeGreek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras exits a voting booth at a polling station in Athens, Greece (7/5). Greece voted on Sunday on whether to accept more austerity in exchange for international aid, in a high-stakes referendum likely to determine whether it ▶
PakistanDaily Times ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:57
Altaf fumes at PPP leaders for not answering his callsKARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Saturday blasted the PPP leadership over what he called their apathetic attitude after he failed to talk to former president Asif ... ▶
GreeceAvgi ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:55
Image Al. Tsipras: the determination of the people beats the propaganda of fear (Video)The message that determination of the people beats the propaganda of fear sent Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras who voted in 27th-30th Beehive elementary school under the stranglehold of dozens of photographers and television crews from around the world. ▶
United KingdomFinancial Times ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:49
Image Download Greeks split in knife-edge referendumLast-minute surveys indicate No vote holds slight edge ▶
DenmarkPolitiken ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:43
Referendum: Germany acknowledges the ideological war with the GreeksThe German-Greek showdown in the debt crisis is also about economic ideology. ▶
NorwayAftenposten ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:39
Image So thinking the Greeks when they today votes on their own future
SpainABC ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:39
Leaving the euro or a commitment to the acreederesh. tertsch. ▶
ThailandThai PBS ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:38
Image Suan Dusit Poll: Most people are interested in drought issue and student protestsDrought problem ranks the Number One subject of public interest followed by anti-government protests by students in a recent opinion survey conducted by Suan Dusit Poll. ▶
PakistanDaily Express ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:37
In food of Ramadan are vetch's kebab
NorwayAftenposten ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:30
Image Destiny day for Greece: this to the vote today
SpainLa Vanguardia ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:30
We have Greece in the walletThe Deputy director of La Vanguardia, Enric Juliana, says why Greece has gone from being an exception tolerated by the center of European power to a problem that puts all the schemes in game ▶
GreeceEthnos ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:29
PakistanHamariweb ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:26
Yaum-e-Badar: The day of Islams eminence[SamaaTV] 05 Jul, 2015 Watch this report on the first battle between the believers of truth (Islam) and the forces of evil fought on the 17th of Ramadan 624 A.D (the second year of the Hijra). ▶
IsraelJerusalem Post ▶  Sun 05. Jul 08:26
Image Escape from ISIS: If Allah wishes for you to die this way, so let it be
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