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USAThe Wall Street Journal ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:56
Image Why Saudis Decided Not to Prop Up OilBehind OPEC’s decision not to cut crude output was Saudi Arabia’s view that America’s energy boom poses a new threat—one factor in a growing distance between the two allies. ▶
IndonesiaTempo ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:51
Image Govt Overwhelmed by Surge of Illegal ImmigrantMinister says there are currently 10,000 immigrants in Indonesia whose needs are supplied by the IMO, the UNHCR and the government. ▶
SpainABC ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:45
More than two years of secret negotiations between Cuba and the U.S.and j. blasco / j. v. boo / washington / the Vatican. Canada was the host country of at least nine «discreet» meetings in which there was a leak ▶
ThailandKhao Sod ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:42
Nathot. the side seat cover fabric-a chance to win a sunrise. Foggy arranged Inthanon ongsa 0
CanadaToronto Star ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:39
Image How Peel Region’s new chair voted himself into the jobProvincial law appears to allow an odd exception that gave sitting Councillor Frank Dale the tie-breaking vote in a face-off with the non-elected John Sanderson. comments ▶
JapanMainichi Shimbun ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:37
Job hunting: senior intern, winter... A surge in deregulation move down
7 ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:34
Image What two opposite words are composed of the same letters?
CanadaLe journal de Montreal ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:32
0 the Québécois Eric Duchesne received a letter from the CLCC advising him that his application for pardon will be more treated for an indefinite period. The Parole Board pardon frustrated applicants
RussiaPravda ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:28
Obama did not consider himself a loser to PutinUnited States President Barack Obama does not believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin overplayed their Western colleagues. ▶
ThailandThai Rath ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:28
Do not point the opposition to the referendum gave yan paiboon's duties khasot.-Council of Ministers consider.Mr. tawan Phaibun after a public referendum, though legal drafting is a khasot page.-rathon. Council of Ministers consider lifting rathon temporarily. Do not specify a public referendum opposed the project, do not do not do. ▶
North KoreaRodong Sinmun ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:25
Image Quality knitted fabrics in order to produce a more energetic struggle wide open.
JapanYomiuri Shimbun ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:25
To the watermelon reprint, all who wish to sell. Tokyo station Memorial Opening of 100th anniversary of Tokyo station IC card tickets "Suica ( watermelon )" of buyers flooded the launch issue and corresponding reprinted watermelon 22, JR East Japan Tokyo Branch Office was announced.  ▶
JapanNihon Keizai Shimbun ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:23
Image Fire Preparedness live country at the volcano observation site and eruption How does volcano eruption in, domestic monitoring and prediction research is progressing far? Validating digital content combined with moving illustrations, map, video, images, etc. ▶
JapanChunichi Shimbun ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:05
Also closed at Tokai Hokuriku Expressway, power outagesHida Kiyomi-Shirakawa 郷間 ▶
USANew York Post ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:05
Image Fatally wounded cop struggled to say his name before passing outMortally wounded NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos struggled to tell paramedics... ▶
SpainLa Vanguardia ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:03
The Catalans with low incomes will pay more income tax than in the rest of the StateEduardo Magallón - adaptation of the Generalitat's reform penalizes those who declare up to 12,450 euros | From 175,000 euros taxpayer will pay more than the State model ▶
IndiaDainik Bhaskar ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:00
Image Modi remains adamant on Homecoming program despite of World Hindu Council
CanadaLa Presse ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:00
Image Cyber attack: Obama moderates toneBarack Obama moderated the tone in case of hacking against...  ▶
ChinaGuangming Daily ▶  Mon 22. Dec 03:00
Always maintain flesh-and-blood ties with the people
JapanMainichi Shimbun ▶  Mon 22. Dec 02:58
Traffic accident: column of school children into cars. Four injured Sapporo
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