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RussiaRIA Novosti ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:29
Image US Ready to Use Nuclear, Conventional Weapons to Defend Japan
IsraelYediot Aharonot ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:24
Image Paul Scheer returned to Earth with two babies born in Nepal: during the earthquake I fed my daughter. We fell on the floor and wastes from wall to wall. As I was running up the stairs I saw a boy of about 6 who collapsed and died. I didn't go out alive (N
EgyptAl-Wafd ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:24
Video.. Contractors-bite ...Team ball club Arab contractors won a heavy Al Ahli group in in a.. [ ▶
USAChicago Tribune ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:24
Image 'Pit bull' lawyer withdraws from Griffin divorce caseEmily Beazley supporters took to the stage at 115 Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park on Sunday planning to shake, shake, shake their way into the heart of Taylor Swift. ▶
United KingdomMirror ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:24
Image Respectable group played card games to decide who would abuse which child court hearsWARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Mitchell and Keith Keenan were evicted from their four-bedroomed house last year ▶
BrazilGlobo ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:22
Revenue rises in March and reaches r $ 94 bi, says Recipe
7 ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:22
Image What not to do before you go to sleep
JapanYomiuri Shimbun ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:22
To Obuchi's former Secretaries, indicted. Revenue operations and the cover In the political funds control law violation scandal by Yuko Obuchi, former Minister of industry (41) of relevant political bodies Theatre Association, orita k. Ichiro's former Secretary, before stated "example and unrecorded expenditure of each organization to compensate for the balance of the theater, made a false entry", Gunma prefecture, in nakanojo town mayor (66) whereas questioned by Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office investigators found in the official story.  ▶
RussiaNovaya Gazeta ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:19
Lyudmila PETRANOVSKAÂ-contemporary schoolchildren: "children of otupeli? A look»You can see a bunch of any rubbish by pressing a couple of buttons. On the other hand, in our childhood too someone some pictures showed. The question is that the child was a knowing adult. He can explain that porn, say, see no need to, not because you see something wrong, but because the lives of Sun ... ▶
PakistanDaily Express ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:19
The basis for a separate province in Sindh was prejudiced of 1973 rulers laid altta .... what to do?
PakistanHamariweb ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:16
Iran leads calls for Israel to give up nuclear weapons[SamaaTV] 27 Apr, 2015 TEHRAN: Iran on Monday led calls by non-aligned nations for Israel to give up its nuclear weapons as a major conference got underway on advancing prospects for a nuclear-free world.Iranian Foreign Min... ▶
GermanyFrankfurter Rundschau ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:16
Image A change of course, once againDeutsche Bank announces their next new strategy. It aims especially to personnel reductions.  ▶
CanadaLe journal de Montreal ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:16
0 construction of hospital not yet complete nest quon must already replace miles of pipes. Kilometres of pipes to change already problems to the new CHUM
RussiaPravda ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:14
Sergey Lavrov: Russia an unprecedentedMinister Russian Foreign Ministry is sure that despite all efforts to isolate Russia failed. ▶
United KingdomExpress ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:14
Image Botched boiler killed brother and sister at Corfu holiday resort, inquest hearsA BROTHER and sister died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a “bodged and botched” boiler leaking killer fumes into their... ▶
GreeceTovima ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:11
Image Bill-cleaner with meters from the "Baroyfaki" list "Deposited directly in the House ▶
NetherlandsDe Telegraaf ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:07
Baltimore fears death squads
NorwayAftenposten ▶  Mon 27. Apr 18:03
May 1 unveiled controversial antifascistisk monument
BelgiumLe Soir ▶  Mon 27. Apr 17:54
The Nepal earthquake: 28 Belgians still missingWorld humanitarian organizations are preparing for a "massive" operation The Belgian relief team has been delayed. ▶
IsraelHaaretz ▶  Mon 27. Apr 17:53
Image Why the uk election, expected to be the most ever.What are the chances for upheaval, why reviewers are confused and how central the role of small parties this time? All questions and answers for the election in the history of the Kingdom. ▶
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